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Your Complete Source for Telecommunications Training and Consulting!

We’re Telecom Training Systems, Inc. (TTS), a complete source for the training and consulting you need for today’s broadband networks. TTS conducts technical seminars throughout the United States, emphasizing personalized instruction with equipment intensive, hands-on applications. 

Our training is non-vendor specific, what you learn will be applicable to the most current products and systems used today. Training and consulting services can also be delivered on-site and customized to your specifications. TTS provides specialized, industry-specific training in the following areas.

  • Cable Television: Broadband amplification, coaxial cable technology, headend equipment, system analysis and design.

  • Networking: Basics of Ethernet, IP addressing, broadband router setup, VPNs and WiFi.

  • Fiber Optics: Fusion and mechanical splicing, fiber termination, OTDR testing, and system design principles.

  • Telecommunications: Principles of telephony, digital communications systems, and packet switching.





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