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Advanced Concepts in CATV & Broadband Networks



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This two-day seminar covers the advanced technical concepts involved with Cable Television systems and Broadband Communications Networks.

Seminar participants will analyze network architectures, hardware components, signal formats and testing procedures.  Technical concepts and procedures presented will be clearly illustrated using interactive demonstrations on real-world networking hardware.

Course Outline:

Hybrid Fiber Coax Network Architecture

bulletImplementing fiber optics in the broadband plant
bulletOptical signal transmission
bulletHFC Network hardware

Signal Formats and Testing

bulletStandard analog television signals
bulletDigital television
bulletDigital signals in the broadband plant
bulletBroadband network data services
bulletImplementing HFC telephony
bulletFCC testing requirements and procedures

Activating the Return Path

bulletConcepts for return path signals
bulletEquipment options
bulletReturn path signals and setup
bulletCommon problems with 2-say system operation

Headend Equipment

bulletHeadend functions
bulletSignal sources and receiving equipment
bulletSignal processing
bulletOptical transmitters and receivers
bulletPreparing for the Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Length of Training: 2 Days (12 hours)



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