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This one-day course covers the emerging digital television technologies. The course contrasts standard broadcast and CATV transmission of television signals with the technology required for the broadcast, satellite and CATV transmission of digital television. The course format is classroom, instructor-led presentation.


Course Outline:


Television and Digital Signal formats

        Contrasting analog and digital video formats

        MPEG digital video

        Standard definition vs high definition video


Transport of Digital Television Signals

        Broadcasting the DTV and HDTV signal

        8VSB signal format

        Satellite transmission of DTV and HDTV

        QPSK signal format

        CATV Transmission of DTV and HDTV

        QAM signal format


Reception and Processing of Digital Television Signals in the CATV Headend

        Broadcast DTV receiving equipment

        Satellite DTV receiving equipment

        Processing options for DTV signals in CATV systems


End-User Equipment

        Off-air Receiving Antennas

        Satellite receivers

        CATV digital set top boxes

        Digital television sets


Length of Training: 1 Day (6 hours)



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