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Fiber Certification Course



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The three-day fiber optic technology course addresses the aspects of fiber optics technology as they pertain to maintenance and repair in the outside plant.  Instructor presentation and demonstration are supplemented by extensive hands-on activities for participants.  The course includes a pass/fail certification test.

Course Outline: (Items followed with* indicate a hands-on related activity to accompany this learning objective)

Fiber Optic Theory

bulletHow optical fiber works
bulletFiber types and applications
bulletOptical characteristics of glass fibers
bulletSafety considerations of working with fiber optics

Optical Sources and Detectors

bulletPerformance characteristics and the optical spectrum
bulletLaser sources
bulletLED sources
bulletPIN diodes
bulletSafety considerations when working with laser light

Cable Types and Applications

bulletMechanical properties of optical fibers
bulletProtecting the fiber with cable packaging
bulletLoose tube cables
bulletTight buffered cables

Cable Handling and Installation Techniques

bulletPhysical limitations of cabled fibers
bulletInstallation practices for inside and outside plant

Splice Closures and Cable Preparation

bulletUsing closures and splice trays*
bulletPreparing the fiber for splicing*

Splice Tools and Techniques

bulletStripping the fiber*
bulletCleaving tools and techniques*
bulletCleaning the optical fiber*

Mechanical Splicing Procedures

bulletSplice types
bulletPerformance characteristics of mechanical splices
bulletInstallation of mechanical splices*

Fusion Splicing Procedures

bulletPerformance characteristic of fusion splices
bulletEquipment and operating procedures
bulletInstallation of fusion splices*

Plant Testing Using the OTDR

bulletOTDR theory of operation
bulletFiber connection and acquiring a trace*
bulletOTDR test parameters*
bulletBasic operating controls*
bulletInterpreting test data*

Certification Testing

  1. Written Test
  2. Installation of mechanical splices in splice tray
  3. Installation of fusion splices in splice tray
  4. Testing fiber cables using the OTDR



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