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Fiber Optic Plant Testing Using the OTDR



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This comprehensive two-day course covers the proper setup and operation of the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) in telephone and cable television network environments.  Structured in a building block format, the curriculum guides the participant through basic principles and theory of OTDR operation and through the advanced applications of testing and interpreting OTDR data. 

Half of each training day is dedicated to testing practice sessions; learning by doing using the tools of the trade.  Although not required, participants are encouraged to bring their own OTDR to the class for use in training.

Course Outline:

bulletOperating principles of optical fibers
bulletOTDR theory of operation
bulletOTDR types and applications
bulletBasic operating controls and functions
bulletTesting setup procedures
bulletInterpreting basic test data
bulletUnderstanding dead zone
bulletAutomatic test functions
bulletAdvanced feature applications
bulletFault locating using the OTDR
bulletTest data storage and archiving

Length of Training: 2 Days (12 hours)



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